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Referrals are accepted by professional services such as:

  • Mental Health Teams

  • Social Services

  • Children's Services

  • Schools, PRU's and Virtual Schools

  • Troubled Families

  • Offending Services

  • Other Specialist Agencies

Criteria for referrals:

  • Unable to progress or engage with talk based services

  • Age 8yrs+

  • Difficulties with anxiety, isolation, mental health, domestic abuse, substance abuse, challenging behaviour, offending, problematic family dynamics, school refusal

  • 2 month post course follow up completion by referrer

Charitable funding may be available when there are no other funding options.  Please contact us for availability and more information.
                                  ReStart Course

A high impact equine intervention which develops 8 identified and measurable skills in an active and engaging way.  Participants work 1:1 with a facilitator over 5 consecutive sessions with specially trained horses who provide in-the-moment feedback.  Participants rehearse, practice and repeat 8 key resilience skills throughout the course whilst completing a variety of fun tasks and obstacles with the horses.  The 8 key skills worked on during the course:

  • Assertiveness

  • Focus and perseverance

  • Taking responsibility

  • Empathy

  • Calmness

  • Planning

  • Communication

  • Engagement

Participants do not need to have any previous experience with horses, and even if they are worried or afraid of horses the course will be of benefit.  There is no riding involved, the intervention is all about communicating effectively with the horse from the ground and creating a partnership - £950 

Alternative Provision

Deerview offers tailored alternative provision for students who are enrolled in school but not attending or on a part-time timetable.  Offering practical skills with an educational purpose, students work on a number of skills that transfer to everyday life - £POA

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TheHorseCourse brochure
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TheHorseCourse evidence summary
Lighter Touch
  • Highlight - a 2 hour session for up to 3 participants - a lighter version of the ReStart course, giving participants a chance to work on 2 or 3 of the Star skills - £190 per session

  • Taster - a 1 hour 1:1 session giving participants a 'taster' of the full ReStart course, assessing engagement and suitablility for the ReStart course - £95

  • Top up - a 1.5 hour 1:1 follow on session for participants who have completed the ReStart course, this offers a post course reminder of the skills and strategies learnt - £142.50

  • Wraparound - bespoke packages for families or care placements, involving training or courses for all members of the house-hold - £POA

  • Non-verbals Toolbox training - a 1.5 hour workshop for professionals and parents/carers on accurately reading body language and applying non-verbal strategies - reduce problem behaviours and build positive ones.  A fun, interactive workshop which can be delivered from our facility, at your facility or via Zoom. - From £25 per person


Registered Charity number 1196288

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